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        2. Miscellaneous?quick Aspen real estate reference links:?

          Why Choose Aspen Real Estate Sothebys Broker Tim Estin to Market and Sell Your Property?

          Q&A: What is difference between the Pitkin Co Assessor “assessed value” and the Pitkin Co Treasurers “assessed value”?

          Real Estate Taxes in Pitkin County, CO – Aspen Real Estate – Explained

          Pitkin County Real Estate Taxes on Vacant Land versus Lot with Home

          Aspen Tax Districts for RETT Transfer Tax – Upon Closing on an Aspen property, a real estate transfer tax of 1.5% is payable by buyer if it is within the City of Aspen and other areas listed here.

          CITY OF ASPEN RETT Real Estate Transfer Tax Info – Buyer pays.

          Aspen Idea – Article:? “The Aspen Idea describes the integration of body/mind/spirit – the nurturing of the whole person – and it came to the fore in the earliest days of the Aspen Institute where artists, leaders, thinkers, and musicians could gather…Mortimer Adler once referred to Aspen as the “Athens of the West.”? And upon?his visit here in 1949, Albert Schweitzer’s proclaimed “Aspen is a little too close to heaven.”

          2014 – 2019 Flip Job Examples – Recent or In Process Redeveloped Properties

          2019 Best Aspen Restaurants Cheat Sheet List

          Frias Property Management: Rental Program Ratings Description

          Aspen Real Estate Market Overview: What Happened in 2018 and What’s Ahead:? On Mar 7, 2019 Randy Gold, MAI, SRA presented his annual Market Update and Aspen & Snowmass Real Estate Overview to the Aspen Board of Realtors (ABOR) and the local business community at the St. Regis Aspen Resort. The event sold out with over 300 people attending. Read about the event in the Aspen Daily News?‘Down market’ in the local real estate forecast?and in the Aspen Times?Business Monday: Aspen commercial sales flat, commercial construction up.? To order Randy’s report, go to?AspenAppraisalGroup.com.

          Residences at The Little Nell (RLN Aspen) – Buyers’ Info and Frequently Asked Questions?

          Downtown Aspen Penthouses approved and in development pipeline as of Mar 2019

          City of Aspen 2017 Land Use Code Updates: Post-Moratorium Roll Out Handbook

          City of Aspen – Zone Districts: R6,? ??R15,? ??R15A,?

          Aspen Highlands Residential Metropolitan Tax District Info

          Brush Creek Metro District?and contacts:?Brush?Creek?Landowners?Association?(BCLA)?is?Evie?at?Marolt,?LLC? ?970‐925‐4047??Ext?5. (Oct 2019)

          Dial-a-Ride info –?Dial-a-Ride serves the Mountain Valley residential area on a fixed route free of charge. Provides door-to-door service in this area for $1. Call 970.920.9999 to schedule personalized service. Dial-A-Ride service is available: 6:30 a.m. – 1:45 a.m. daily

          City of Aspen – RFTA – Route Maps & Schedule –?970.925.8484

          About Radon and Radon Mitigation Info in Aspen and Snowmass – Newspaper Insert
          High radon levels detected in half of Aspen’s locally tested homes,? Article, Jan 3, 2020 ADN

          Zip Codes for Aspen and Roaring Fork Valley

          Aspen Historic Victorian and Aspen Modern Preservation Resources

          Pitkin County TDR Program

          219 N. Monarch Redeveloped Aspen Home in Aspen’s West End Land Planner Analysis

          2015 Pitkin County Board of Commissioners Annual Retreat – County Stats

          Pitkin County Assessor – Agricultural Property and Land Valuation Brochure

          030719 RG: 2018 Aspen Real Estate Market Overview and Where We are Headed

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