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          Aspen real estate market, Covid 19 and upheaval.

          Things were fine until they weren't.

          05/18/20 Bottom Line: The conversation - if it is happening at all - that is taking place between buyers and sellers:

          - Buyers are talking about the new world, new data...of which there really isn’t. Prices have not changed at present. If they are making offers, they’ve been 20-40%. If the ask price is 10M, the offer is 6M – the higher the ask price, the greater the discount expectation. Anecdotally, maybe 50-60% of buyers want a 20M property for 12M. Sellers are countering maybe at 5% off ask. A big divide. On average, the typical discount to ask has been 3-8% in the past year (2019) depending on the property type, location and seller’s motivation.

          -Sellers are saying and thinking “Why should I lower my price if the comparable prices have not changed?”

          -Reason why one might consider lowering their price…?

          -Uncertainty is in the air. The financial markets are off 15-25% depending on when one looks at the indices. Yes, the country is opening back up, but what will it look like in 2, 4, 8 weeks, etc. ?Will things be better or worse? What would Covid-19 Round II look like.

          -Uncertainty leads to paralysis…buyers need a reason to step into the fray. Price usually accomplishes that...

          • Q3 2019: Overall Aspen Snowmass Sothebys Luxury Property Sales Market Share (Jan 1- Sep 30, 2019))

          • Q3 2019: Closings Over $2MM: Aspen Snowmass Sothebys Market Share (Jan 1- Sep 30, 2019)

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          Exceptional and favorite Aspen CO and Snowmass CO homes for sale, worthy of special attention.. These selections change as properties list and sell.

          301 Lake Avenue

          • 5 beds
          • 8 baths
          • 9,597 sq ft
          • $2,803 price/sq ft

          314 E Hyman Avenue

          • 6 beds
          • 10 baths
          • 8,771 sq ft
          • $4,275 price/sq ft

          320 Ridge of Wildcat Drive

          • 4 beds
          • 5 baths
          • 4,426 sq ft
          • 6 acres
          • $1,118 price/sq ft

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          See what's possible. Before and after photos and descriptions of recent Flip Jobs of Aspen CO homes for sale from 2014-2018.

          Aspen Real Estate is the ultimate lifestyle choice.
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